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We have all been advised, time and time again, that we need to see the dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and once a year for a check-up. For the check-up, the dentist observes teeth and gums through special glasses that magnify the view.  The X-rays produce images of the teeth and mouth that otherwise cannot be seen. This all makes sense. But the second part, that cleaning, may seem unnecessary. Here, we want to clear up any confusion you may have about the dental cleaning by outlining what they do for your long-term dental health.

Dental cleanings:

  • Minimize the chance of cavities. Yes, you brush every day. Hopefully, you floss regularly too. It’s still possible for plaque buildup to occur in hidden places. Plaque is acidic and sticky. It can be easy to miss as it adheres to teeth, and it erodes enamel as it sits in place for days, weeks, months on end. This is where the professional is required! Plaque that has hardened can be removed by the dental hygienist.
  •  Preserve teeth for life. Tooth loss is not as prevalent as it was in the past. However, gum disease does continue to pose a risk for this to tooth loss. There is a common idea that only older folks lose their teeth, but gum disease can result in loss far before the senior years. Routine cleanings remove the plaque that harbors bacteria that cause gum disease, thereby preserving the lifespan of your teeth.
  • Oral health is a component of overall health. Research continually points out that bacteria from the mouth can cause or exacerbate other health conditions. If gum disease is allowed to advance (by neglecting routine dental care), it increases a person’s risk for complications related to existing health conditions. These conditions include heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

If the idea of dental cleanings is unpleasant for you, know that it is possible to take advantage of sedation dentistry techniques in our New York City office. Your comfort is our priority and with several options for sedation for teeth cleanings, do not let fear hold you back from caring for your smile. We are here to help. Learn more about our options for sedation for routine, restorative, and cosmetic treatments. Call 212-974-8737.

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