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Our mission is to help, and care for people who've had trouble going to the dentist.

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If it's been years since you've been to the dentist; if going to the dentist is very difficult for you because of anxiety, sensitive gag reflex, or any other reason, you should contact us, because our entire office is set up just for you. Our mission is to provide people who haven't been comfortable at the dentist with a place to go, with everything they need to feel at ease. We provide all phases of dental care with all types of anesthesia, including local, nitrous oxide, oral, intravenous, or general; whatever the needs of the patient. 

A new patient contacted me recently. I thoughts his words really captured the essence of what kind of care we want to provide, and I thought they were worth sharing.


...until I find someone who truthfully understands. I hope you are that person, Dr. Siegelman. I guess I am just seeking someone who can deal with me on my terms."


Dear New Patient,

I read your entire letter. The above phrase is amazing, and powerful because it is the heart of what my office is about. I wouldn't make promises to you, however I think we should begin the process of helping you with this dilemma. Step one is simply to give us a call and speak to us. Alternatively, you can email back with your contact phone. If you are not ready for that, then let's keep the dialogue going via email, until you are ready. The most important thing is the ongoing contact. The only principle I would add to your statement above, is that the healthcare provider has to meet the patient where the patient is. I understand where you're coming from.

Best Always,
Lou Siegelman


Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact our office with any questions or concerns through our contact page or feel free to give us a call at 212.974.8737.


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