Same-Day Dentistry

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At most dentists it takes two appointments for restorations such as crowns, inlays, and onlays. Receiving a dental implant can take 6 months and involve two recovery periods. Involving dental labs to fabricate these prosthetics adds a waiting period along with the second appointment to improve your smile.

But thanks to modern digital technology and milling capability, our office can condense the process for all of these dental procedures, often into just a single appointment. How great is that?

That’s same-day dentistry at Dr. Louis Siegelmans’ practice.

“Dr. S (and his entire staff) are AMAZING!! Everyone is kind, patient, courteous and professional. If you are afraid of the dentist I highly recommend you schedule a visit. The second you walk into the office you are greeted by name with a sincere smile and hello. You go to the exam room and there’s music playing and a sense of serenity at every turn. Every single member of the team makes you feel like you are their only patient. YOU are their top priority and they will all do every and anything in their power to make your visit successful.They are not patronizing in any way. You can tell from the second you meet him that Dr. S loves what he does and is committed to each and every one of his patients. Schedule an appointment today, you will not be disappointed.”- V.H.

Our Technology Is The Key

Dr. Siegelman and our entire team take great pride in staying on the leading edge of the latest dental technology. This benefits our patients because many involved treatments and repairs can be done in just one appointment.


CEREC stands for Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics. This is a CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) system that enables Dr. Siegelman and Dr. Currier to use the CEREC Primescan to take digital impressions of the patient’s entire mouth, design the prosthesis in the CEREC intelligent software, and then send that design to the milling unit that then creates the crown or other repair in about 30 minutes. CEREC enables us to place these dental prosthetics such as crowns in a single appointment, rather than the usual two or three appointments.

Cone Beam Tomography

We also utilize cone beam tomography that delivers superior analysis of the patient’s bone structure, teeth, and gums. For same-day dentistry, this imaging technology allows our team to use 3D implant planning. This ensures the implant or implants are placed in the best locations with the most bone mass.

Technology continues to improve how we deliver care and our office workflow. In addition to our up-to-date dental systems, we are thrilled to offer iTero and Primescan digital scanning technology.


The iTero advanced intraoral scanner creates 3-D dental images in minutes, to help us with restorative work, clear aligner treatment, diagnosis, and prevention.


Primescan provides us with high-quality, interactive 3D medical imaging, with specialized clinical 3-D views – a valuable reference tool when determining your best treatment options.

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What Is Same-Day Dentistry?

At Dr. Siegelman’s practice, same-day dentistry means taking advantage of our modern digital imaging, design, and milling capabilities to condense certain dental procedures that would formerly have required multiple appointments into just a single office visit. We can do this because of our in-house CEREC imaging, design, and milling system. This precludes the need for us to take dental impressions and send them to a dental lab for fabrication of your restorations. This shortens the process to a single visit, and it means our patients don’t have to put up with gooey impression trays.

What Are The Advantages Of Same-Day Crowns And Other Restorations?

We’re all busy. New Yorkers take a certain perverse pride in how over-scheduled we can become. So, who needs to spend an extra one or two appointments at the dentist? Getting a same-day restoration with Dr. Siegelman and Dr. Currier delivers high-quality, beautiful, durable restorations, and we can provide them in a single appointment.

Of course, that saves time. But if you’re a person with anxiety when heading to the dentist, that also makes for a less stressful single appointment rather than a series.

How does Dr. Siegelman and Dr. Currier use the CEREC Primescan system?

Our Primescan imaging system is a nice addition to our CEREC system. The Primescan dynamic-depth scanner allows us to capture full mouth scans in less than a minute with unparalleled image quality. To create its 3D images, the Primescan system consolidates over 50,000 images per second. This makes these images incredibly precise. Primescan then seamlessly links with the CEREC system design and milling stations.

“The folks at Dr. Siegelman’s office are the BEST EVER. Dr. Siegelman takes the time to understand your issues with dentistry, he works with you to overcome any barriers, and his staff is second to NONE.” – Y.G.

How Is Same-Day Dentistry Performed?

The processes for these procedures are the same, but we simply remove the added appointment and delay waiting for the dental lab to create the crown or other prosthetic. Instead, once Dr. Siegelman and Dr. Currier have prepared the tooth or teeth needing the restoration, we use our CEREC Primescan 3D imaging technology to create the impressions of the tooth or teeth. Then we design the crown, inlay or onlay, right in the CEREC system. The data is then sent to the milling station, and CEREC takes a block of dental-grade porcelain and mills the prosthetic. This only takes around 30 minutes. Our team checks the fit and color match of the piece and then permanently places it on your tooth. You’re done, and it took just a single trip to our Midtown office.

How Do Modern Implants Compare To Traditional Implants?

Dental implants are unchallenged as the best replacement for missing teeth. While not practical for replacing a full arch of teeth, implants also provide anchoring for full-arch dentures that commonly have problems with slippage. An implant is named for its screw-shaped titanium base. The implant is placed into the hole formerly occupied by the natural tooth root. The bone then integrates around the implant, making it a part of the bone.

Because of our technology, Dr. Siegelman and Dr. Currier can simplify this process. First, we use our cone beam tomography to provide superior imaging of the patient’s bone. This allows us to determine the best angle and placement of the implant base. When implants are going to be used to anchor full arches of artificial teeth, we can place the four to six implants strategically using the cone beam imaging to find the sites with the best bone density. We can virtually perform the placement of each dental implant and create a surgical guide, which brings precision and ease to the implant procedure.

Now, we’re ready for the procedure. Each patients’ needs are handled individually, and we do our best to condense the implant process and the number of appointments. First, the implant base is placed; we place the abutment onto the base and top it off with the crown that we milled in-house. Our team designs your crown in the CEREC system. The software allows us to use the 3D impressions made with the system’s Primescan imaging system. Once satisfied with the design, we send the data to the CEREC milling station, and it creates the crown.

Is The CEREC Primescan System Safe?

Primescan is a digital intraoral imaging system. Digital systems emit up to 80 percent less radiation than traditional film x-ray systems. To put it in perspective, you receive more radiation from the sun and other natural sources when going through a normal day than you do from a Primescan imaging session.

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