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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

cosmetic dentistry new york city 300x200 1 Cosmetic dentistry encompasses not only the health of the teeth, but also their aesthetic value. Various products and procedures exist within cosmetic dentistry with the goal of improving both the well-being and visual beauty of the teeth, giving the individual a higher level of self confidence in themselves and their appearance. Some examples of services provided by a cosmetic dentist are:

  • Teeth whitening can renew your smile in a single visit. This treatment can make you look 5 to 10 years younger!
  • Porcelain veneers restructure the appearance of teeth with ultra-thin, custom-made sheaths. Bonded to teeth, veneers can last decades with proper care.
  • Contouring reshapes the gums, revealing just the right amount of tooth structure to bring sophistication to your smile.
  • Tooth-colored fillings repair damage in such a way that full aesthetic value is restored.
  • Dental implants reinstate the natural structure of roots, restoring the highest possible form and function after tooth loss.
  • Bonding is an indirect veneer process that disguises small flaws such as a chip or crack.

Who is a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is appropriate for any person who is not completely happy with the appearance of their smile. Concerns that we treat range from discoloration to gaps in between teeth and even missing teeth.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

It takes years for stains to build up on your teeth. Typically, this process occurs as tiny molecules from food and your favorite beverages seep into the pores in the outermost layer of tooth material, enamel. Using high grade peroxide and light, we break up these molecules and lift the color of your teeth in a single, comfortable office treatment. How long the results last is somewhat up to you!

Every person is different in how long their teeth stay bright white. If you drink substantial amounts of coffee, tea, or red wine, for example, you may find that your teeth become dull again within months. Smokers, as well, tend to struggle with discoloration due to the chemicals contained in cigarettes.

Maintaining the results from teeth whitening is not difficult. Patients are encouraged to rinse the mouth after a potentially stain-causing beverage like red wine. Rinse, don’t brush. Many beverages are also acidic, and brushing could cause unwanted damage to enamel. Also, we are happy to recommend toothpaste products that have been developed to polish away surface stains.

Is cosmetic dental work expensive?

There are cosmetic dental treatments to fit every budget. The final cost of care really depends on the extent of work that is needed. We work with you to formulate the timing for your smile makeover so that the process is nothing but enjoyable from start to finish.

Does cosmetic dentistry hurt?

Our practice has been established with patient comfort in mind. We understand that, regardless of the pain-blocking techniques used, there are many patients who remain quite nervous about obtaining dental care. It is important to feel good about your smile, and we are here to help you do that. In addition to gentleness and a friendly manner, we utilize the latest techniques to numb the treatment area.

Patients are also encouraged to speak with us about their options for sedation!

Will insurance cover cosmetic dental care?

Cosmetic dental treatments are considered elective. They are intended solely for the improvement of the smile aesthetic. Therefore, insurance coverage typically does not extend to cosmetic treatments. The exception is a procedure that is also restorative in nature, such as dental implants. We are happy to help you determine your benefits for dental care.

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- M.G

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