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A few months ago, the New York Times published an article connecting an increase in dental patients’ migraines, jaw pain, and tooth sensitivity to the coronavirus shutdown of 2020. The report also indicated that dentists have seen a rise in tooth fractures and bruxism and believe these instances may stem from stress related to the…Read the full article


Pandemic or Not, Invisalign is an Excellent Option for Straightening Teeth

We’ve been staying home and staying safe for months, now. Since the first stay-home-stay-safe orders, experts say that the use of social media has increased by 61%. Social media offers the opportunity to connect more easily with loved ones. It also presents advertisers with more opportunities to reach prospective customers. Of the online advertisements that…Read the full article

Is it Safe to See the Dentist During the COVID Pandemic?

We’ve faced some harrowing months in our city, but our resilience is seeing us through. Since early Spring, we’ve seen cities close, open, and close again. The uncertainty has led many people to question the safety of seeing their dentist for regularly-scheduled appointments. Even now that medical and dental care facilities are resuming non-urgent services,…Read the full article

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