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autism dentist new york cityMany people on the autistic spectrum have a difficult time dealing with the dental environment. This is partly due to differences in how people on the spectrum experience, understand, and interact with the world in general.

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For most people, dental visits often require patience with a process that can be noisy, intrusive, or restrictive for anyone.  New sights, smells, sounds, and emotions can add to the challenge. Dr. Siegelman is an autism dentist in New York City that can help.

The question is: what can be done to help patients and caregivers navigate this process with a minimum of angst?

Our Autism Dentist Understand the patient

In our New York City office, we’ve found that gaining the best possible understanding of the patient is the most critical ingredient for success.  People on the autistic spectrum are unique individuals, with specific likes, dislikes, and things they will tolerate.

It’s important to spend the time with the patient and caregivers, to determine their needs, and establish rapport.  Preventive dental care and maintenance are emphasized so that patients need the least amount of invasive procedures possible.

Many patients simply require introducing new dental experiences at the patient’s own pace to allow for accommodation to changes in routine.  Other patients may require some sedation to allow for better quality dental care.  Sedation can be given by a pill or an elixir; or intravenously, depending on the extent of the dental care, the patient’s medical history, and the degree of cooperation the patient is able to provide.

Whichever technique is required, patients will be made comfortable and monitored for their safety.  Treatment decisions are made in consultation with parents, physicians, and our team to ensure that all the patient’s needs are considered.

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A consultation appointment is what we recommend that your first visit be as a patient. Overall patient satisfaction depends on quality communication with the doctor. At Louis Siegelman, DDS, our patient’s satisfaction is our main focus. If there is anything we can do to make your experience easier or more comfortable, please let us know. Your suggestions are sincerely appreciated.

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