I Had My Teeth Cleaned Before And It Always Hurts. What Can You Do So I Don’t Feel Any Pain?

Cleanings at our office can be virtually painless. We offer each patient the option for the hygienist to use a topical gel, or a small patch that is placed on the gums to give a numbing feeling before she begins to do the cleaning. You also have the option to have the Doctor administer an injection, which will numb the gums completely so you fell nothing. From your first cleaning you will notice that your teeth look whiter since plaque and tartar have a tendency to stain the teeth leaving a yellow, brownish color. As always your cleanings can be done with a pill or elixir to relax you or intravenous sedation.

I Have Really Sensitive Teeth And Get A Lot Of Cavities. What Can I Do?

During your visit the doctor will examine your teeth. You will also have digital X-rays taken which will help determine if you have any cavities. Customized fluoride trays are also available to help reduce cavity formation and decrease sensitivity.

How Can I Help A Friend With Dental Phobia?

Your friend’s reluctance to see a dentist may be due to dental fear. This has it’s roots in traumatic life events (sometimes abuse) or traumatic dental experiences. It may be due to other things like depression or simply financial circumstance. I recommend asking your friend gently, knowing there may be profound reasons. You can tell her, I’m willing to speak with her in person, by e-mail or phone, and that real help is available. Be aware that a real dental fear is related to the “fight or flight response.” It’s a reflex that your friend can’t control. It’s very hard for someone else to understand or relate to if you’re not a professional, or don’t have something similar yourself. Please keep in contact, and let me know if I can help in any way.

Is Sedation Dentistry A Good Route To Take For A Patient With Fibromyalgia And Facial Pain History?

Sedation dentistry can be a good modality for patients with facial pain and fibromyalgia because greater comfort is provided during dental care. Oral sedation provides a level of relaxation and sometimes a degree of amnesia during the care appointment. Depending on the needs of the patient, I will often use intravenous sedation because it allows me to make the patient even more comfortable, pain free, relaxed, and gives the patient the perception that they were “out” for the procedure. With intravenous sedation, I’m also able to give medications that make the post op more comfortable as well. Over the years many fibro patients have told me they get, “two good days after” my procedures where they are generally pain free of the fibro. Regarding the trigeminal neuralgia, there are adjunctive medications that can be used (orally, or intravenously) during your procedure to address additional pain pathways to best control dental pain and provide the maximum comfort to you. Many fibro and facial pain patients have in general reached the limit of their suffering and want to minimize suffering through anything else, if they can. A consultation would help us determine the best approach for you.

Are You Self-Conscious About Your Breath?

The use of hard candy and chewing gum only serves to mask the odors of bad breath. This mask is not only temporary but also harmful since it increases the chances of cavity formation. Our office will evaluate whether the cause of your bad breath is related to gum disease, diet, or gastrointestinal. We offer a “Fresh Breath” program that will help eliminate those embarrassing moments. Through the use of good oral hygiene and a product called “Breath-Rx” is a specially formulated product that will reduce those odor causing bacteria. Best of all since it’s alcohol free it will not dry out your mouth like other over the counter products. It also contains a special ingredient called Zyrtec that neutralizes sulfurs and bacteria that cause bad breath. We offer a full line of Breath-Rx products such as mouth rinses, tongue cleaners, toothpaste and breath mints that help you get fresher cleaner breath.

Are Dental X-Rays Harmful?

No, our equipment is state of the art and minimizes patient exposure. The office follows American Dental Association guidelines as to the frequency of radiographs. Our digital X-rays are the latest in technology available that can deliver a sharp quality X-ray with 90% less exposure.

I Smoke, Can I Still Get Whiter Teeth?

Whether you smoke or not we can get your teeth looking whiter. The hygienist can customize soft trays that fit comfortably over your teeth and provide you with a take home bleaching kit. By using the kit with your tray, wearing them only for an hour a day for about two short weeks you can achieve a whiter, brighter smile! We also offer in office bleaching so that you can leave the office with whiter teeth in only one hour.

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