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dental-sedation-new-york-ny Were you a Guggenheim Dental Clinic patient?

 Many patients over the years have mentioned the Guggenheim Dental Clinic as the source of their paralyzingly dental  fear.  The “Guggenheim” was a public program that provided access to dental care for New York City children for  decades.  Children from religious based and public schools were transported to the clinic.  Raw fear was communicated  amongst the children.  Interestingly, I’ve encountered people from all over the world who were treated in similar  circumstances resulting in extreme dental fear.  I feel that a lack of parental support, and supervision, as well as  authoritarian treatment, were key factors.  Life long fears were instilled for these early school age kids.  While former  Guggenheim patients may never forget their memories, a series of good experiences as adults can help.  Discussing  these experiences with a trusted friend or professional is also beneficial.

If you were a Guggenheim Dental Clinic patient, I understand, and I’m here to help. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call. We can work together and provide a home for your dental care. 212.974.8737

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  1. Although I wasn’t a Guggenheim clinic patient
    I was treated under my father’s Local 1199 union dental program as a child and preteen.
    The experiences were horrific and nightmarish and became an integral part of my ultra severe life long dental ptsd dental phobia panic terror.
    The memories of the nightmare I experienced never totally went away- it was like they were seared into my ” body memories ”
    One of their participating providers even tried to molest me during inhalation anesthesia that did not relieve my pain and terror. Another provider of theirs inflicted tons of pain and caused tons of bleeding and abject terror.
    It’s a lifetime legacy

    Comment by Marsha Lampert MBA MS on August 29, 2017 at 8:52 am

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