Candy & Cavities – Tips For A Healthier Halloween

Candy & Cavities - Tips For A Healthier Halloween Halloween is just around the corner and it’s impossible to avoid sweet treats this time of year. All that trick-or-treat candy can damage your teeth so here are some tips for a healthier Halloween.

First, let’s understand the effects of sugar on the teeth. It’s not the sugar that directly causes cavities. What happens is a natural bacteria in the mouth feeds on the sugar from food and turns it into acid. It’s the acid that attacks the tooth enamel and creates decay.

  1.    Practice moderation- Don’t continuously snack throughout the day. The longer and more often candy touches your teeth increases the risk of cavities. Have a piece or two of candy after a meal. This will reduce the exposure time of acid on your teeth.
  2.     Limit the temptation- You do not have to keep ALL the candy. Pick your favorites out of your stash and then donate the rest.
  3.     Drink water- Take a pass on any additional sugars from soda, juice or flavored water. You’ll decrease the sugar contact with your teeth and reduce the risk of tooth decay. Stick with plain, delicious water. .
  4.     Stay on top of your home care- Floss twice a day to remove any plaque from in between your teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day using toothpaste with fluoride to keep your enamel strong. And remember to see our team twice a year for preventive care! .

Now you have a plan, so have fun and Happy Halloween!
Please call our NYC office if you have any questions about nutrition or preventing tooth decay. Dr. Siegelman and our entire team are here to help with your oral health and wellness.

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