Dental Implants are One of the Most Popular Dental Treatments. Here’s Why!

Close up portrait of fascinating young, beautiful wonderful lady posing in front of came while isolated with teal backgroundToday, we know much more about dental health, so more people are keeping their natural teeth well into their senior years. In instances of tooth loss or necessary extraction, we also have a new approach to restoring the smile to its original condition, dental implants. In our NYC dental office, the vast majority of tooth loss cases are handled with dental implants. Here, we point out the reasons why. 

Benefits of Dental Implants are Hard to Overlook

More and more patients are choosing dental implants these days, all for very personal reasons. Some of the benefits that this treatment has to offer include:

  • Natural appearance. A dental implant is a titanium post that Dr. Siegelman carefully inserts into the jawbone. The process does not hurt and there is very little recovery or discomfort after the procedure. Once the implant is inserted, it is not seen, so how can we tout natural appearance as a benefit? It’s because there is no artificial gum tissue seen in the smile. It is also because the custom-made crown or bridge that sits on the implant is made using lifelike dental porcelain. 
  • Comfort. Regardless of how beautiful the restored smile may be, if dental implants weren’t also comfortable, they wouldn’t be so popular. The titanium post of the implant is not felt in the gums when biting and chewing. Patients don’t even know their implants are there. What they do know is that they can chew without pain or loose dental restorations that rub on the gums. 
  • Long-term function. Dental implants get encased by healthy bone tissue. As a result, they can remain durable for many years. Patients can help support long-term function by avoiding smoking and taking great care of their remaining teeth and gums. 
  • Preservation of facial features. One of the hidden benefits of dental implants is that this treatment helps to prevent excessive bone deterioration after tooth loss. This is possible because, within the jawbone, the dental implant extends into the bone and acts as a natural tooth root, stimulating the bone to continually regenerate with new tissue. As a result, there is a much lower chance of the lips and cheeks sinking inward over time. 

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Tooth loss can have lasting consequences if not handled properly. To learn more about dental implant treatment and how we use dental sedation to make the process completely comfortable and stress free, contact our NYC office at (212) 974-8737.

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