When Is It Time for a Root Canal?

root canal You may have heard of root canals, the procedure to help address an infected tooth. In fact, with over 40,000 root canals taking place each day, chances are you may need one in your lifetime.

Despite how popular the procedure is, few know when they need one. Prolonging a root canal can extend the time you struggle with tooth pain and even lead to tooth loss. Here’s when you need to go in for a root canal.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

Though you may experience varying symptoms, common signs it’s time for a root canal are:

  • Consistent tooth pain
  • Sensitivity to temperature
  • Discolored teeth
  • Swollen, tender gums

Though pain can indicate you need a root canal, that may not always be the case. Damage or infection to the dental pulp determines your need for a root canal. This damage often causes pain, but not always.

The best way to know whether you need a root canal is by visiting the dentist.

Consequences of Not Undergoing a Root Canal

If you decide not to have a root canal, you can face serious consequences. For one, you may lose a tooth. Aside from aesthetic effects, a lost tooth can seriously affect your bite and may lead to jaw bone resorption, resulting in bone loss. This can lead to facial collapse if the bone loss is severe enough.

An untreated dental infection can result in the infection spreading to other areas of the body, which can be fatal if it spreads to vital organs such as the brain or heart.

With this in mind, visiting the dentist for infected tooth treatment is vital to protect your teeth and overall health.

Get a Root Canal in New York, NY

Though root canals are fairly common, like with any surgery, complications are still possible. To ensure optimum success, make sure you work with capable and caring professionals.

At the dental office of Louis Siegelman, DDS, you can find a team that includes a board-certified dentist anesthesiologist, as well as other medical and dental providers dedicated to delivering premium results with warm and welcoming care.

To see if you need a root canal or to address tooth pain, contact Louis Siegelman, DDS, at 212-974-8737.

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