Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistryThe dental industry is always changing and growing as new medical technologies become available and tested. One of the newest forms of dentistry is laser dentistry. However, it can be hard to imagine exactly what laser treatments would be used for. So let’s take a closer look at how laser dentistry is used and its benefits.

How Is It Used?

Laser dentistry is used in soft and hard tissue treatment. It is commonly used on soft tissue when gum contouring. Laser dentistry is also used on hard tissue in removing tooth decay for different procedures.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry


While medical professionals do their absolute best to create a completely sterile environment, there is always room for improvement. That’s why laser dentistry is a valuable tool. The lasers will instantly sterilize the treatment area by killing any bacteria or microbes.


Laser treatments have the large advantage of being far more precise than normal tools. Normal tools can damage or irritate more tissue than necessary. Lasers have pinpoint precision that only affects desired areas.


Wounds heal and regenerate faster when laser treatments are used. Lasers can accelerate wound healing as they increase blood flow to the area. As mentioned above, lasers also can achieve the same results with less collateral damage. Fewer spots of damage result in fewer wounds the body needs to heal.

No Drilling

Some patients find the sound of a drill being used in their mouth to be highly uncomfortable. This could be because of the loud sound of previous poor experiences with a different dentist. Whatever the reason, lasers can replace drills on certain treatments. This is useful for making the procedure less anxiety-inducing.

Seeking Treatment

Laser dentistry is a newer field that is paving the way for techniques that are less invasive, relaxing, and heal faster. That’s why Dr. Louis Siegalman includes laser treatments in his dentistry toolbelt. Dr. Siegalman makes it his mission to bring comfort, confidence, and results to every patient that visits his office. Our staff has a dedication to alleviating any dental fears and will walk you through every step of your treatment. So don’t let dental reservations get in the way of your oral health. Contact Dr. Louis Siegalman’s office at 212-974-8737 today.

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