A Comfortable, Reliable Solution for Gum Recession

Historically, gum recession has been associated with gum disease, a progressive infection that affects the soft tissue around teeth. A receding gum line may occur around one tooth or several and, according to research, could relate to several factors besides infection. Some of the reasons that the gums may recede include:

  • Bruxism, the clenching and grinding of teeth.
  • Brushing teeth too hard, that abrades soft tissue.
  • Smoking, which depletes soft tissue of oxygen needed for regeneration.
  • Genetics may predispose a person to vulnerable gums.
  • Poor oral hygiene can lead to inflammation and recession.
  • Hormonal changes in pregnancy soften the gums and create susceptibility to recession.

What to Do About Gum Recession

In the absence of gum disease, a patient needs viable treatment options to address gum recession, also known as gingival recession. Allowing the condition to go untreated may cause some sensitivity and an opportunity for bacteria to accumulate around the delicate root of a tooth or teeth. There are several ways we can help with gum recession. The first step for treatment typically involves a thorough cleaning to remove any bacteria and debris that have collected between teeth and loose gums. The next step is to improve the gums and correct any gingival recession.

The Old Way

Dentists performed soft tissue grafting, a minor surgical procedure that would supplant tissue from one part of the mouth to the gap caused by recession. Soft tissue grafting was and still is a proven technique to correct recession. However, we’ve got another option that offers a more advanced technique and a quicker recovery.

The New Way

In our New York City sedation dentistry office, patients can undergo gum recession treatment that involves the Pinhole Surgical Technique™. This minimally invasive procedure is performed with a local anesthetic and, as always, dental sedation as needed. To correct recession, the Pinhole technique utilizes special instruments to carefully adjust existing tissue upwards to cover the root that has become exposed. No incisions, no removing tissue, no stitches, and a much more comfortable recovery.

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