Did You Know These Benefits of Straight Teeth?

In our NYC sedation dentistry office, we focus on the entire spectrum of a healthy smile. In addition to providing exceptional care to patients who struggle with dental anxiety, we also offer services that enhance the appearance and overall health of the smile. Invisalign is one such treatment. Often, when people talk about seeking Invisalign or other procedures to correct misalignment, they mention how good they will feel about the way their smile looks. This is, of course, a huge reward. However, there is more to having straight teeth than loving your smile. Here, we point out the other reasons you may be thankful you sought treatment to correct crooked teeth.

Straight teeth are:

  • Happier teeth. Did you know that, when you chew, your teeth are subjected to intense force? On one or two teeth, this force could be destructive. On a straight row of teeth, the force gets uniformly dispersed. Without proper alignment, the force of chewing can hit some teeth harder than others, causing them to wear down quickly. The excessive force also affects the gums, increasing the risk of recession.
  • Easier to keep healthy. For teeth to be healthy and cavity-free, it is essential that brushing and flossing are effective. Brushing and flossing cannot be fully effective when there are tiny nooks and crannies that harbor food debris and bacteria. Even a trained hygienist has to put in extra effort to clean these spaces during a professional cleaning. When teeth are straightened using Invisalign, the process is comfortable and convenient, and it also leads to teeth that are easier to clean. Clean teeth are healthy teeth.
  • Good for the gums. Gum health is directly related to tooth health. Again, this comes down to how well one can remove the debris that attracts and feeds bacteria that naturally live in the mouth. Teeth that are turned or overlapping can harbor plaque that causes inflammation in the gums.

We care about your smile. To straighten crooked, turned, or overlapped teeth, turn to Invisalign and our friendly team to provide you with outstanding service. Schedule your appointment at (212) 974-8737.

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