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Dental hygiene is critical to general health. When the teeth and gums do not receive adequate care on an ongoing basis, risks for pain and several health concerns arise. Poor oral health has been associated with respiratory disease, osteoporosis, stroke, heart disease, and more. Additionally, a person whose teeth and gums are in poor health…Read the full article

Dr. Siegelman Featured in Autism Parenting Magazine

Dr. Siegelman’s article “Sensory Integration and Special Needs in the Dental Office” was featured in the May issue of Autism Parenting Magazine. He discusses how to make the dental experience easier, less traumatic, and a learning experience for patients on the autism spectrum. You can purchase Autism Parenting Magazine and read Dr. Siegelman’s article by…Read the full article

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How Dental Implants Rival Natural Teeth

When our primary goal in dentistry is to preserve natural tooth structure, it may sound counterproductive to suggest that dental implants might rival what Mother Nature gave us. In situations where tooth replacement is necessary, though, there is merit to the idea that dental implants come in a (very) close second. Here’s why. Dental Implants…Read the full article

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