Dental Phobia: We Don’t Offer Tactics, We Provide Solutions!

dental anxiety New York City, NYThe patients who visit our sedation dentistry practice in NYC feel at home in our office. We can say that because our entire practice has been established on the principle that most people don’t like to see the dentist, so we do whatever it takes to create an exceptional dental experience. More than that, we understand that dental phobia, or dental anxiety, can be an enormous obstacle. It is not one that you can overcome alone. You need solutions, and we have them.

The Age-Old Problem

Historically, dental anxiety has not received the compassionate attention it deserves. Children and adults of all ages who are frightened of the dentist are encouraged to breathe through their fear. They are told that they can listen to music to take their mind off of their surroundings. Sometimes, the tactics used to “encourage” routine dental care are based on fear. “If you don’t get that checkup and cleaning, you’ll get gum disease, and you might lose your teeth.”

We’re not about that. What we are about is inviting you to be one of the thousands of people we have helped overcome their fear of dentistry.

How We Do It

One might think that the mere fact that we offer multiple options for sedation is what makes our office different. That’s not the only reason. Dr. Siegelman isn’t just a sedation dentist; he is a dental anesthesiologist. More than that, even, he and our entire team are understanding and compassionate professionals. We know that dental anxiety can intensify by the idea that you could be judged or criticized for feeling afraid in the first place. Because we prioritize comfort, and we genuinely want to help, we make no place for criticism in our office. Our job isn’t to talk you out of your dental phobia; it is to help you through it.

Let’s look at some important details about sedation dentistry in our comfortable New York City office:

  • We can accommodate all levels of anxiety, from mild to severe.
  • Nitrous oxide sedation is safe for children and is good for “taking the edge off” during dental treatment.
  • Oral conscious sedation is a popular pre-treatment to achieve deeper relaxation without causing sleep. Your fear will diminish, and you can communicate with us, but without anxiety.
  • IV sedation may cause deep relaxation called “twilight sleep.” However, patients can swallow and breathe without assistance.
  • IV sedation is safe and effective. Dr. Siegelman has performed more than 20 thousand sedation procedures in his career.
  • Sedation is available for any treatment. Your comfort is our priority!

We serve patients from our immediate area and from as far as Connecticut, New Jersey, and Long Island. Why? Because of comfort matters.

Learn more about our office and sedation dentistry at (212) 974-8737.

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