Nitrous Oxide Offers Clear Advantages for Patients of All Ages

Sedation Dentistry NYCOur NYC sedation dentistry practice has a range of services that assist patients who have a difficult time receiving dental care. Sedation is not just for those with dental anxiety; it is also incredibly beneficial for individuals with physical or cognitive challenges, such as a patient with Alzheimer’s or Autism. Sedation dentistry operates on a spectrum, with the mildest sedative being nitrous oxide. This inhaled form of sedation has been around for well over a century and has been safely used for patients of all ages. Here, we discuss some of the particular advantages that patients receive from nitrous oxide sedation.

Pain Relief

One of the lesser known advantages of nitrous oxide sedation is that it has analgesic properties. Dental procedures conducted with a local anesthetic and the inclusion of nitrous oxide only enhance a patient’s comfort for a significantly better experience.

Reduced Anxiety

The primary purpose of incorporating nitrous oxide, or any sedative, into dentistry is to effectively address anxiety. The inhalation aspect of nitrous oxide makes this sedation technique fast-acting. There is no processing of the sedative through the digestive system and it wears off quickly so you can continue with your day as usual. Within a minute of inhaling the N20/O2 mixture through a small mask, patients reach a noticeably relaxed state in which they are able to comfortably receive dental treatment.

Positive Effects in Children

Reducing anxiety in the pediatric patient has been noted as having positive effects on behavior during the initial visits as well as subsequent dental visits. The use of nitrous oxide to assist anxious children during dental visits can inhibit negative early dental experiences and ultimately decrease dental-related fear in that patient’s future.

In many cases, anxious patients who receive nitrous oxide for dental treatments eventually do not need sedation for most procedures because we have provided enough positive dental experiences to offset the anticipation of emotional or physical discomfort.

Sedation dentistry is an excellent option for many people to overcome any dental care challenges. Learn more about the sedation services available in our New York City office. Call (212) 974-8737 to schedule your visit.

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