Smart Ways to Solve Dental Woes

Dental Anxiety New York City, NYDentistry is a practice that was established as a method of resolving and preventing problems with teeth and gums. The learning curve has been vast, but with technology and research, we have reached a point where we have an excellent understanding of oral health. For the most part, we know what it takes to obtain and sustain healthy teeth and gums. As individuals, we know that we need to see the dentist if we want to avoid uncomfortable problems. As your dentist, Dr. Siegelman know that we must be ready to meet your dental needs with smart solutions. We’d like to mention a few of them here.

Sedation Dentistry

The development of reliable relaxation methods has been a significant step forward for patient-centered dentistry. Our New York City office more or less revolves around the benefits of sedation dentistry. We work with patients who have suffered from dental anxiety, as well as those who have physical or emotional conditions that may inhibit their ability to obtain dental treatments. In our eyes, sedation is a great option we can offer patients to complement our high-standard of dental care.

Same-Day Crowns

When you work with the client-base that we do, you know that time is of the essence. If you are someone who has little time – or little tolerance – for frequent dental visits, you may appreciate the convenience of same-day crown technology. The CEREC system that serves our office enables patients to undergo the complete restoration process in one office visit: tooth preparation, digital imaging, followed by final crown seating.


“Smart” is an excellent one-word description for Invisalign treatment. Many people would like to have straighter teeth but are unwilling to wear metal braces. The makers of Invisalign have met an enormous need by developing an aligner system that holds many of the same capabilities of braces but bypasses the need for fixtures on the teeth. Invisalign isn’t just cosmetic braces; it is a system that can comfortably correct mild to moderate bite issues discreetly.

We are committed to the highest quality dental care that helps dental-phobic patients feel comfortable. Our smart solutions provide extended benefits for patients of all ages. To learn more, call (212) 974-8737.

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