Freshen Up Your Smile for a Bright Holiday Season

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We are now in the midst of the holiday season, and that means more of us are paying attention to our desire to look and feel great. As an esteemed NYC sedation dentist, Dr. Siegelman offers a number of tips to help patients smile brightly for holiday photos starting as soon as today.

Clean Enamel is Brighter

The outer surface of teeth is intended for protection but is also responsible for the radiance of the smile. Enamel is the hardest organic matter in the body, so it may surprise you to hear that this substance has pores, just like the skin. Because there are pores in enamel, there are multiple portals for debris to settle. You can begin making a difference in the brightness of your smile at home.  Starting today, you can begin to dissolve surface stains by using a mildly abrasive whitening toothpaste.

Dive Deeper for Dramatic Whitening

Stains happen no matter how hard we try to avoid them. If your smile is dull and discolored, you don’t have to wait weeks for renewed radiance. One visit to our NYC office can immediately brighten the rest of your holiday season. Our whitening process happens in the office using light to activate a gentle whitening solution so, when you leave, you have much more reason to smile.

Focus on Fluids

As you may know, there are some beverages that are known for their ability to cause stains on teeth. These you want to limit or approach with care this season and throughout the year. A glass of red wine with dinner or a steaming cup of coffee with dessert is not bad, but it does help if you swish a little water around in your mouth afterward. Water is the great dissolver of debris, which is one reason why dentists encourage patients to sip plain water all day long whenever possible.

Quick Fix For Photos: Lipstick with blue undertones or cool tones can make your teeth appear whiter and brighter. Avoid white shirts; darker colored tops will create more contrast and brighten your smile. 

Cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening and veneers can quickly makeover your smile, a good professional cleaning can instantly brighten your smile, and daily strategies keep your teeth sparkling clean for a healthy, beautiful smile.

There’s still time to revamp your smile before your big holiday event. Call (212) 974-8737 to schedule your visit with us.

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