We are Living Longer, so our Smiles Should, Too

cosmetic dentistryOne of the greatest achievements of the 20th century has been the dramatic increase in the average life expectancy. Just a little over 100 years ago, the life expectancy was not much longer than 50 years. Today, most people are living beyond the age of 80, and some, many more. One of the interesting statistics that has risen along with life expectancy is the demonstrated desire for more youthfulness. Specifically, this relates to how we look. Along with cosmetic medicine, dentistry has experienced a notable shift toward aesthetic value.

Your Teeth are Counting on You

One of the best things that you can do to maintain a healthy or more vibrant appearance is to take care of your teeth. This requires a commitment to daily hygiene. Specifically, brushing and flossing. This is good news! Just a few minutes a day every day can go along way and maintaining a brilliant shine and mechanical structure.

Your Smile is Counting on Us

Dentistry was once more focused on prevention, restoration, and replacement of damaged teeth. Today, dentists must also recognize the fact that their patients want to feel good about their appearance. We are pleased to provide the level of care our patients need to achieve this.

Porcelain veneers. Dental veneers have been a significant development and cosmetic dentistry. Namely, it is the use durable and lifelike dental porcelain that has increased the value of this cosmetic treatment. Porcelain veneers require just a few visits and minimal investment.  The reward that our patients receive from this method of enhancement is a significant boost and satisfaction and self-confidence. Porcelain veneers may disguise a gap between teeth and much more.

Teeth whitening.  Whitening under the supervision of your dentist is the best way to achieve the results you are after. While you may use commercial whitening strips safely, it may take far longer to diminish the appearance of stains. It is also possible that no significant change will be achieved. To boost the brilliancy of your smile, schedule a visit with our experienced team.

Restoring structure and beauty. In the past, patients who needed to repair a damaged tooth or teeth risked compromising the natural appearance of those teeth. Historically, the majority of repairs have involved amalgam feelings or metal dental crowns. We love having access to materials that are both structurally sound and also very lifelike in appearance. In our practice, we recognize the need for dental restorations to be in perceptible, and we perform care accordingly.

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