Benefits of Sedation for Dentistry

dental sedation new york nyMany dentists in NYC offer sedation dentistry. Dr. Siegelman is a dental Anesthesiologist and has a twenty-year history of using various methods of sedation to help patients get the dental care they need. Both Dr. Currier and Dr. Siegelman’s training and experience are coupled by an understanding attitude and an authentic desire to make dentistry as stress-free and pain-free as possible.

You wouldn’t face a medical procedure without some form of pain-relieving, anti-anxiety type of medication, so why should you have to endure dental treatment without the same comfort? Sedation dentistry is tailored around your needs and preferences. It may involve an oral medication that you take at home or in our office prior to treatment, or it may be something as simple as the consistent delivery of nitrous oxide while you get a deep cleaning or a cavity filled. You may find IV sedation to be the most suitable option.

What Sedation can do for You

Overcome Dental Phobias

Patients who have any type of dental phobia, whether a fear of pain or embarrassment, or an aversion to having someone so close to their face, can find the help they need with a gentle sedative. The relaxing effect of sedation does not necessary cause you to fall into a deep sleep. However, it significantly reduces the response of your nervous system to external stimuli. So, while we attend to your teeth and gums, you lie back comfortably and just relax.

Dental sedation also causes short-term amnesia. You will not remember your dental treatment, which can be an additional benefit if you have a more intense phobia. What many people find is that the use of sedation, over time, eases their fears. Some even lose their need for sedation altogether!

Maximum Comfort

Sedation dentistry may also be called sleep dentistry or pain-free dentistry. This is because the sedatives used to relax the central nervous system also increase the pain threshold. While your dentist will still use local anesthetic for dental treatments, the sedative will maximize its effects, making your dental visits far more pleasant than you could ever imagine.

Maximum Efficiency

A relaxed patient is an easier patient to work on! Sedation enables us to work efficiently and, due to your calm state of mind, allows you to sit in the treatment chair longer. Sedation can be a great way to get more done in a single visit, saving you time and money.

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