Overcoming Dental Anxiety is a Step-by-Step Process

sedation dentistry New York City, NYIf anyone understands the issue of dental anxiety, it’s us. We have tailored our entire practice around the provision of safe, gentle, and comfortable dentistry. When we say comfortable, we know that this describes much more than practicing in a way that makes dental treatments virtually painless. Comfort, to us, means that a patient feels at ease when they visit our New York City office. Using various sedation dentistry techniques, we can achieve this ideal.

Sedation techniques are only a small aspect of creating one positive dental experience after another, though most patients perceive the use of sedative medication the primary factor that releases them from their anxiety. We won’t deny the power of sedation. What we will say, though, is that we believe in going beyond this manner of practice. In fact, this may be one of the first things a new patient notices when they visit us.

How many people would expect a personal phone consultation with their new dentist before their first visit to the office? Not many. To us, this initial “meet and greet” is pivotal to the development of a trusting relationship. We understand that patients who have had bad experiences, not only in the dental chair but also in life, hold their trust close to their heart. This awareness allows Dr. Siegelman to start dental care off on the right foot.

Quality dental care is only partially about the performance of preventive, restorative, or cosmetic treatments. Our priority is getting to know the origin of dental phobias, if possible. Of course, we also take a great deal of care in broaching topics that may have prompted fears of being vulnerable to another person, even a trained, experienced dentist.

What we’re saying here is that, if you have harbored fear of seeing the dentist, we want to help you let it go, and we back up this desire with actionable steps including really getting to know you as an individual, taking time to listen to your history so that we may best serve you, and communicating clearly about your dental needs and how we may support you in long-term health.

Learn more about sedation dentistry and the value of a compassionate dental team when you visit our NYC office.

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