Tips to Protect your Investment into a Bright New Smile

teeth whiteningMany people wish that their teeth could be whiter. With professional teeth whitening treatment, your smile can dazzle everyone you meet. Our chairside whitening treatment provides you with the results you want in just one visit. Treatment can lighten your teeth to a shade whiter than your natural color, and enhance your feelings of confidence while refreshing your entire look. When you have taken the time and invested money into a bright new smile, you understandably want to maintain the results you have achieved.

Tips for Your Brightest Smile

Although teeth whitening can be performed as needed, there are also habits that will prolong the results from treatment. These include:

  • Clean and polish the surface of teeth with crispy, crunchy vegetables and fruits. Foods like celery and broccoli scour the surface without abrading enamel – or promoting tooth decay.
  • Flossing! This habit is recommended as a preventive measure against gum disease. However, flossing also inhibits the accumulation of stain-causing debris from in between teeth.
  • Saliva production is necessary to dilute acid in the mouth. This substance is also remineralizes enamel. To keep adequate saliva in the mouth, chew xylitol gum.
  • Limit your intake of obvious stain-causing substances such as tea and coffee. We know how difficult this can be and could never expect you to give up that morning cup of coffee or evening glass of red wine. What you can do to minimize the risk of staining is rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after such treats.

Home remedies for discoloration can be easily found. It is important to know that many of the methods promoted online, such as baking soda and lemon juice, can erode enamel. This method of whitening dates back to ancient times when humans rubbed their teeth with pumice. Abrading enamel did not work then, and it does not work now. When your teeth need a lift in color, your safest approach is to practice excellent oral hygiene and visit your dentist for professional care using a controlled process.

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