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Louis Siegelman, DDS is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 63 ratings.

Years of bad dentistry left me with fears of not only going to the dentist, but the pain and anguish of someone with a low pain threshhold going through routine care. Dr. Siegelman's practice is amazing and understanding: judgement and pain free, before, during and after your procedures. Could not recommend highly enough.
Witti Repartee
Gillian Smith
Amazing experience! If you have been stopping yourself from going to a dentist because of any reason, this is your place. I have severe gag reflex and no dentist was able to perform a root canal for years. Dr. Siegelman is very empathetic and keeps human experience and feelings first. I wouldn’t allow any dentist to even touch my mouth, and Dr. Siegelman was completely fine with that. They did everything when I was asleep under IV sedation, which I actually enjoyed! In the world where all other dentists treat patients like animals, this dentist is changing the future of dental experience. They are little pricey but worth it, they do not take insurance but they help you to submit the claim to your insurance later. Lulu is an amazing person who can help. Keep rocking guys.
Saishyam Akurke
Dr. Siegelman and his entire staff put me at ease from the moment I stepped foot into the office. I feel honored to be one of Dr. Siegelman's patient's. Not only is he gentle with an excellent bedside manner, but he also happens to be a wonderful dentist. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the next time I have to visit his office and will never go to another dentist ever again. Thank you Dr. Siegelman, the wonderful hygienist, and the entire team for taking such good care of me!
Victoria Zoha
Dr. Siegelman and his staff go above and beyond to make their patient feel as comfortable as possible. I can now go to the dentist without any hesitation at all.
Maria T
Dr. Louis Siegelman and his team are the best! Having had to go to a lot of doctors due to type 1 diabetes, Dr.Siegelman is by far the best. His bedside manner, professionalism, and knowledge is top of the line care. His team is outstanding as well. I would recommend this doctor and practice to everyone!!!
mara cavanaugh
Dr. Siegelman and his entire team are amazing. The entire experience from the moment you walk through his doors to the moment you leave is beyond amazing. I have now been a patient for a little over 1 year and don’t plan to leave. If you are worried about corona and going to a dentist, I think his office is more clean and germ free then anywhere in NYC. He has installed special lights all throughout the office that kill germs, great air circulation, air purifiers everywhere and some larger scale germ eliminating equipment. The women who cleaned my teeth was gentle and was constantly checking in on me. If you have dental anxiety I can 100% promise you that you will feel at complete ease and comfort. Thank you to the entire team for making each and every visit of mine a smooth one! Keep up the great work!
murray bibas
I take very good care of my oral hygiene but I have to tell you, I’m deathly afraid of the Dentist. I dodged appointments for years. I saw Dr Seigelman’s commercial on TV that he caters to people like me. I’ve been told before by many previous dentist that they also cater to dental phobia, but Dr Seigelman takes it step MUCH further. First I have to say he’s a great dentist, but above and beyond that, He is also a wonderful human being. He takes An incredible amount of time to make sure you’re 100% comfortable before you even have a procedure done. He gives you many different options of sedation which I chose to be put to sleep, because this talented dentist is also anesthesiologist. Although he could’ve made more money putting me to sleep. He called me the day before my scheduled appointment and suggested with the work I was having done that I did not need the Anastasia and that he thought the oral sedation that he had, would work fine. He was right! I took the oral sedation in the office in about 10 minutes I went in the chair he did all the work, even clean my teeth I didn’t feel a thing! I woke and felt great. I just want to say again he is a excellent dentist and a wonderful human being who takes the time and effort to talk you down off the cliff. my lifelong fear of dentistry.....Is officially over! Thank you & your wonderful staff. Looking forward to seeing you in a few months, God I can’t believe I just said that! Best John
Dr S (and his entire staff) is AMAZING!! Everyone is kind, patient, courteous and professional. If you are afraid of the dentist I highly recommend you schedule a visit. The second you walk into the office you are greeted by name with a sincere smile and hello. You go to the exam room and there’s music playing, and a sense of serenity at every turn. Every single member of the team makes you feel like you are their only patient. YOU are their top priority and they will all do every and anything in their power to make your visit successful. They are not patronizing in any way. You can tell from the second you meet him that Dr S loves what he does and is committed to each and every one of his patients. Schedule an appointment today, you will not be disappointed.
Highly recommend Dr Siegelman as he is as professional as he is caring. Him and his entire staff were amazing! I've never smiled after returning from a dentist until this one. If you have a phobia like I do (10 years no dentist because of fear) then they'll take care of you! It's basically a spa. You get to choose your own background music, you get a blanket, they adorn the medicine cups with little umbrellas, it's amazing! Thank you for giving people a space for people with dental trauma to finally save their teeth in an environment like nowhere else. PS. You get soup and ice cream. So ya.... Go there.
Moshe Milstein

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