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Louis Siegelman, DDS is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 63 ratings.

Dr S has created the perfect environment for overcoming dental anxiety. I never thought it was possible but I literally have 0 fear/ anxiety after years with him. Previously I stood outside the office & canceled appts bc the anxiety was so severe, I just couldn't go in. He's the 1st dentist who didn't shame me, get angry at me, etc. Instead he & his excellent staff worked with me to Get me in & moving forward on dental problems I'd had for over a decade. Even when I kept an appt, my heart raced so fast it felt like a heart attack. I couldn't process any thing, I just wanted to run out. He actually picks the perfect staff. Lulu is a love & totally gets me to relax & just naturally knows how to meet someone in midst of panic attack, anxiety, fear, Etc . Patty exudes calm, welcoming, joy; Fernanda friendly, intelligent, welcoming; Reva is literally greatest hygienist ever & 1st time I've completely relaxed having my teeth cleaned! The whole team is excellent. Not exaggerating even a little. Dr S is an artist as well as empathetic & knowledgeable. What he's accomplishing with my destroyed teeth & gums after decades of smoking & dental neglect is a miracle. He's patient, understanding & focused on accomplishing the absolute best possible outcomes with each patient. He's healed more than my mouth. My self esteem & confidence is higher overall & I'm so grateful.
Lynne Storage
I am extremely nervous and suffer from anxiety when visiting the dentist, any kind of surgery makes me very anxious. However, I knew doctor Siegleman saved my day when he gave me a call back, even before making an appointment and said " I heard you love visiting the dentist ", that did it for me..he is an attentive listener and there is a calmness about him that makes you feel very comfortable. Also, his complete staff are absolutely true professionals, from the phone calls, office visits and check up calls, could not ask for a better team. The day of my surgery, Dr Siegleman greeted me in the waiting area and explained to me that I was in good hands and to have no fear. He delivered and then some. My overall experience is, he is the absolute best, I have never had a dental experience like dentist for life!!!
Margo Nicholls
The folks at Dr. Siegelman's office are the BEST EVER. Dr. Siegelman takes the time to understand your issues with dentistry, he works with you to overcome any barriers, and his staff is second to NONE. Kelly has been so incredibly understanding and helpful to me with my aftercare. She makes sure I have plenty of the right kind of tooth care and is such a joy to speak with on the phone. If you have any dental issues whatsoever, see these folks, I did and I regret nothing. I highly recommend Dr. Siegelman and his amazing staff to everyone.
YoniX Gaming, Technology. News & Opinion
I was so happy to find Dr. Siegelman! He is gentle, professional and a talented dentist. When I needed a root canal, Dr. Siegelman put all of my fears to rest, put me to sleep and when I woke up, he was finished. I did not experience any pain! I brought my 88 year old mother to Dr. Siegelman for extractions that she needed. She was very worried about the procedure, but extremely happy that she did not have any pain during the procedure or after. I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Siegelman, I recommend him to all.
My parents would have kittens if they knew I go to a dentist who advertises on television. BUT what did they KNOW? Who knew that there are dentists who specialize in fearful patients?? It makes sense once you know about this specialty, but if they didn’t reach out to the public, many of us might continue to avoid dental care except in the most dire emergencies. This dental practice is wonderful: I had not been to the dentist for years and was afraid of being yelled at. (Yes, dentists do that). They did NOT yell at me. My dentist has been Dr. Danielle Currier and I love her. I needed major restorative work and it’s all been done without any pain or fear. The hygienist is fabulous and every member of the staff is always friendly, welcoming and REASSURING! Highly recommend!!!
Celeste-Monique Lindsey
Miraculous PTSD Panic Phobia terror help ! Just sooooo miraculous ! They truly understand and feel for the terrified folks like me who literally shake in fear. And get heart pounding/racing and gagging. They fully calm numb and make you feel peaceful safe tranquil relaxed - and provide therapeutic style emotional soothing support. It’s truly a peaceful loving and healing oasis for the traumatized terrorized panicked patient. And they understand how to handle unique disabilities such as ASPERGERS autism ADHD Dissociative issues etc They even provide warm soft soothing plush blankets soft pillows flowers ice cream etc. it’s Truly a healing dental Nirvana
Marsha Lampert
From the first phone call, through my initial meeting with Dr S, each and every interaction with the incredible staff, the procedure itself, I have had a truly positive client / patient experience. I actually look forward to going to the dentist now...or more specifically, to my next visit with Dr Siegelman. I would encourage anyone with a mixed or negative experience / history of dental care, or in my case a high level of personal discomfort at the overall concept, to visit with Dr S and his team.
Christopher Harvey
I was kicked out of several other dental practices prior to finding this place. I used to tremble in the chair so badly, the dentist couldn't work on me. This place is zen. They go at your pace. They play music. Most importantly, the staff has a great dynamic. They know what they are doing, and treat patients with a great deal of humility. Dr. Siegelman is very calming and Dr. Currier has a confidence that is contagious. Also, if you just want to get a cleaning, you won't feel any pain with Melissa. Give them a call. See what they're about. You will be glad you did.
Annie See
I'm so thankful to Dr. Siegelman, Dr. Currier and the entire staff for helping me overcome my lifelong fear of the dentist. They really do an amazing job and are changing peoples lives. I no longer have the anxiety, embarrassment and guilt that comes from neglecting your teeth. If you have dental anxiety don't put off dealing with the problem. It will only get worse the longer you wait. Call Dr. Siegelman and I guarantee you will never think about a trip to the dentist the same way.
Richard Anthony
I feel so blessed! Dr. Siegelman and his amazing staff are simply the best! Dr. Curry is so professional and extremely knowledgeable. Paddy, Christine, Kelly.....Francesca...on and on...Dr. Siegelman's staff work so well together all the time... I just don't have enough great things to say but thank you to everyone at Dr. Siegelman's office! I'm all smiles!
Gustave DeVelasco

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